About us

Welcome to Met Plaizier!

At our place, it's all about pleasure. Our coffee store embodies a simple yet powerful philosophy: the pleasure of good food, good drinks, and good living, plain and simple. With a baseline like "Le plaisir et puis c'est tout" we emphasize an authentic and friendly experience.

In our neighborhood canteen, we cook homemade dishes from breakfast to lunch to snacks. Our chef, Victor, is at the helm to whip up delicious meals, soups, and sandwiches of the week. We prioritize local and fresh ingredients, following the seasons' cycle.

Of course, we can't talk about Met Plaizier without mentioning our specialty coffee, as well as our delightful homemade treats prepared with love by Laura.

But Met Plaizier is much more than just a coffee store. It's also the canteen of the Out Of Office company, a consulting and design agency led by Anouk and Coline, which transforms workspaces into authentic living spaces. Met Plaizier works to connect their offices with the outside world because at Out Of Office, we believe in the importance of building connections, sharing ideas with the community, and opening the office doors to the neighborhood.

In summary, our space is a welcoming place where you can eat, drink coffee, shop while supporting young entrepreneurs, and meet inspiring people from all walks of life.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, mentor, food lover, or just curious, you're welcome at Met Plaizier.

So, don't hesitate to visit us and discover all that Met Plaizier has to offer. We look forward to welcoming you into our universe.

Le plaisir et puis c’est tout. 

Who we are

Team Manager
Little fairy (behind the project)
Little fairy (behind the project)
O.D.O.A. Headmaster
One Day One Action

Our Values

Pleasure, and that's it.

Showing authenticity in all aspects of the customer experience, by offering quality products, warm and genuine service, and an environment where one feels comfortable.

Exploring new flavors and product combinations. Daring to test, taste.

Actively setting up opportunities, a willingness to go with the flow of events, the ability to see the thing that arises by chance, and finally, being prepared to seize the opportunity.

Maintaining a high level of quality at every stage, thereby ensuring a reliable and satisfying customer experience with each visit.


Met Plaizier is the Business for Good of Out Of Office, a consultancy and design agency that transforms workspaces into authentic living places. Out Of Office aims to make a significant contribution to the co-creation of environments in which people and organizations can thrive, where purpose, approaches focused on the human being and authenticity are essential.    

Out Of Office is convinced that connections make our society grow. That's why they've decided to open their canteen to the public. 

The company is involved in Met Plaizier in two ways.  

  • By offering Met Plaizier 1/5th of its office space.
  • By donating a portion of its profits to the operation of the venue.

Anouk van Oordt and Coline Lescot, founders and managing directors of Out Of Office, have thus invented the space of their dreams: a unique place that breaks down the silos of our society and brings together people from different sectors, age groups and fields of expertise to have fun, share, dialogue, connect, learn, innovate, reboot, rethink and grow. 

One day one action non-profit organization

Met Plaizier is also an associative project of the non-profit organization One Day One Action (O.D.O.A.).

The NPO's ambition is to bring together people with different interests in order to find synergies between them, in particular for the holding of workshops, forums, conferences and meetings. The objective is to discuss all matters of general interest and entrepreneurship, to promote professional relations between its members, to encourage the maintenance of a spirit of cooperation between entrepreneurs, to promote meetings between entrepreneurs, the academic world and the public authorities, to promote the creation of young companies and to support their potential development.  

The association also aims to help associative projects by organizing sports, cultural, culinary and social activities and events, and to finance companies, sports teams, sportsmen and women or any other natural or legal person or event that it deems appropriate in relation to its social purpose.

Where to
find us

Where to
find us

We are located

next intersection between Bois de la Cambre and Avenue de Fré 

Chaussée de Waterloo 925, 1180 Uccle Map

We are open

Monday – Friday 8:00 – 17:00

Brunch every Sunday trimester (check our events)


Latest news
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